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Custom-Crafted Hardwood Flooring

RQ Floors is the premier manufacturer of custom high-quality hardwood flooring located in the New York tri-state area. Our unique line of product offerings enables us to fulfill visions of beauty for any space, resting upon our hallmarks of crafted design, state-of-the-art technology and family-oriented customer service.

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“RQ floors is such a top notch company with awesome people and very easy to deal with…”

– MP-Distributor

“With RQ Floors we have confidence that the hardwood flooring will meet or exceed the quality standards…”

– Flooring Contractor

“From the start of our relationship with RQ Floors, I have been extremely impressed and satisfied…”

– Linda Luppino, Pres. & CEO, 3L & Company, Inc.

“The quality of work that they provided was top notch, and their customer service is unbeatable…”

– Real Estate Representative

“Working with Leon and family has been a great experience and adventure, ​I ​will continue it for years to come…”

– Janos P. Spitzer, Consultant

“I use RQ Floors because I know that I'm getting true Rift and Quartered material. I'm not left guessing…”

– AS - Distributor



We believe in creating beauty in an environmentally responsible way. By using locally harvested wood from sustainable forests and eco-friendly processes within our mills we manufacture products that enhance the environment, not harm it.

quality control

Quality Control

From hand-sorting our wood upon arrival, through craftsmanship design to state-of-the-art technology that further perfects our products, our commitment to quality is reflected in the beauty of our clients' floors.